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coverage because of obamacare are out of luck. today "covered california" rejected a plea from president obama to extend those policies as his team works out the bugs in the affordable care act. steve large is in sacramento. now, steve, california is not going to help the white house. and this could affect hundreds of thousands of people. >> reporter: well, "covered california" essentially voted to stay the course. they are not going to allow those who are facing their policies to be terminated january 1 any type of extension. there was a chance of a one- year extension. the vote was unanimously by the "covered california" board 5-0. and, of course, this comes as president obama has been facing backlash after telling americans they could keep their healthcare insurance if they wanted. it turns out that's not true. one of the critics of this vote today happened to be the state insurance commissioner dave jones who says that this is a disservice to policyholders. now, bottom line here, after this vote today, i can tell you that there are 900,000 californians who have received cancellation
to understand their behavior. >>> president obama pulls an about-face. how californians can now renew their canceled healthcare policies. but it will cost them. >> how the world's largest wind tunnel right here in the bay area could forever change how airplanes are built. >> a lack of wind this morning, the atmosphere just too calm, too still. lots of dense fog. that's the view earlier today from berkeley. the fog is gone. we'll talk about your weekend forecast and any chance of rain that's coming up. >> $319,212. a pretty good start. but you, bay area, can do better. >> you have the rest of this hour to do it and more. and the number to call. 1-888-5-helps-u we need your help. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never we
for them over time through their property tax bill. >>> president obama has left california. he finished his three-day west coast fund raising swing with a visit to a major hollywood studio. randy page on the president's high praise for the entertainment industry. >> hello, everybody. >> within seconds of stepping up to the podium, president barack obama warmed up to the crowd when speaking about the 70 degrees sunshine. >> it is great to be at dreamworks. i would like to work here. >> adding a bit of humor. >> my ears were one of the inspiration l rations for shrek. >> earlier, dreamworks ceo gave the president a tour p where he met actors jim parsons and steve martin. the president complimented martin about his performance. >> the fact that i played banjo at the white house was the biggest thrill of his life. >> that's how i felt about it. >> the roll out of new health care marketplace was rough. >> the president spoke about difficulties in implementing his signature legislation, but he did not call it obamacare. >> and, yes, we are going to continue to implement the health care law.
is urging president obama to change the law. >> reporter: he says the white house should honor the commitment it made to thousands of americans whose policy has been canceled. meanwhile t white house is sending emails to people who have been unable to enroll in health fewer than 50,000 people have reportly been able to sign up so far. people in california still can't sign up no matter how hard they try. >> your expected wait time is 20 minutes. >> jeff ward said he has been signing up for obamacare for almost month but he has been riddle with error mess annals and representatives who can't help. they say the average wait is now down to two minutes and 21 seconds and more fixes are expected this weekend when the california site goes down for a scheduled upgrade. >>> and, finally, an unusual event in the mortgage market. for the first time in methamphetamine i lenders are offering lower latest on jumbo mortgages than unconventional lowness. they are more than a quarter percent cheaper in some cases. now home loans have almost always had better rates thanup boars. expert
. [ laughter ] >> president obama thanked all the men and women in uniform in his weekly radio address. the white house released this picture of the president making calls to 10 servicemembers to personally wish them a happy thanksgiving. >>> dozens of bay area volunteers spent the day today packing food for the san francisco and marin county food banks. more than 32,000 families will be able to prepare a thanksgiving meal in their own homes thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers. many are grateful for the chance to give back to the larger community. >> it gives me pleasure to help out. in the past, you know, i was in a similar situation so it's good to give back and i encourage people that are doing well in life to help out for those who are struggling. >> the san francisco and marin county food banks are looking for volunteers to pack and sort goods this holiday season. and throughout the year. you can donate at any whole foods market. we have also posted more information on how you can help online on our website, >>> i want to know what is going on. >> why
are helping fix the obamacare website. google and oracle are among the companies lending experts to the white house to debug the problems. the website has been plagued with glitches since its debut at the beginning of the month. the health and human services secretary promised to have things ironed out by the end of november. >>> the roller coaster for facebook stock continues today. here's a look at the stock's journey from ipo to close today. an announcement yesterday sent the stocks soaring. the company record better-than- expected earnings and strong mobile usage. >>> one thing spooked investors. our ryan takeo shows why some worry if facebook can hold the attention of young teens. >> reporter: at walnut creek's cream, it's clear to see some customers social media tastes are changing. take charlie miller for example. >> 14. >> reporter: he quit facebook. his mom just talked to his sister about it. >> just after the other day did you use facebook very much, it's pretty much not for teenagers anymore. >> reporter: that's the fear for some facebook investors that young teens are moving to s
on the commercial market a requirement for being an obama car provider. they have removed alameda alliance for health from the exchange. they say it was initially included in the roster of available insurers because it was expected to get a commercial license by october 31. but "covered california" was notified that the state didn't approve the application. it's not clear how many people signed up with alameda alliance. but those who did will be contacted and asked to pick another insurer. >>> con artists are continuing to find new ways to carry out old scams. the irs is issuing a warning about scammers pretending to be irs agents. they are calling and telling people they owe back taxes and have to pay with a prepaid debit or credit cards saying scammers use fake names and irs badge numbers, may be able to reciter social security number and spoof the irs phone number to make it appear they are calling from the irs. it's just the latest scheme to get victims to purchase prepaid cards and reveal the numbers printed on the back. once you have handed over that code, the money is as good as go
. lately. we're learning more about the massive glitch th delayed unemployment checkso >>> the obamacare website isn't the only disastrous rollout we have seen lately. we are learning more about the massive glitch that delayed unemployment collection to thousands of californians. they were mistakenly flagged as ineligible for benefits when a new computer system went online back in september. today, state employment officials and representatives from the software company admitted to lawmakers they didn't do enough testing beforehand. >> you don't know when it will be fixed? >> we -- we have, uhm, uhm, have a plan in place right now that it should be fixed within the next few weeks. >> edd says it's found a way to get around the problems for now. >>> starbucks announced plans to hire 10000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years. this comes after former defense secretary robert gates was appointed to the company's board of directors last year. the seattle-based chain will open five stores on or near military bases. >>> stanford will be the center of the college football
notice of batkid. miles got a special shoutout from president obama. >> way to go, miles! way to save gotham! >> and at this hour, batkid is the number 2 trending topic on twitter. vice president joe biden joined in. he writes, thanks for saving gotham city! you're a real-life superhero. >>> california's congressional leaders are also praising batkid. here's representative eric swalwell. >> thank you for coming to our rescue inspiring us with heroes today. >> and senator dianne feinstein from san francisco also tweeted. thanks for saving gotham. >>> story of a 5-year-old battling cancer inspired thousands to help make his wish come true. kpix 5's betty yu on the thousands who showed up to cheer for batkid. betty. >> reporter: the city of san francisco went all out for batkid today. many of the people who showed up wore batkid t shirts, held signs, even were dressed as superheros. it was an elaborate display of make believe one you have probably never seen. [ applause and cheers ] >>> reporter: he just might be the cutest most intimidating batkid the city of san francisco has ever see
>>> new numbers are out on obamacare enrollment. nationally, they are not good. here in california, they're not much better. but louisa hodge tells us we're signing up more people than the federal government is. >> reporter: daniel beverly says for him navigating the "covered california" website was surprisingly simple. >> they actually [ indiscernible ] for medi-cal and i finished the application through them. >> reporter: dana howard deputy director of communications of "covered california" says new numbers show that momentum is building as more and more consumers are starting to enroll. >> it could have been a better entry but the fact is is that people are getting enrolled not by just a few thousand but by the tens of thousands. >> reporter: "covered california" and the california department of healthcare services announced that applications were started for an estimated 370,000 people seeking coverage in october. nearly 86,000 of them were eligible for coverage through "covered california" and about 72,000 people were eligible for medi-cal. in october, 30,380 people about 1,000 a da
. >>> president obama's planning another bay area visit. he is scheduled to attend a fundraiser monday in san francisco. but so far tickets aren't selling like they have in the past. in fact, sales are so sluggish, organizers are cutting some ticket prices in half. this will be the president's ninth trip to the bay area in the past 2.5 years. >>> coming up, how this nasty backup on the bay bridge this afternoon is being blamed on a simple mistake. >> gluten-free is all the rage. now it looks like that's really something to it. what it's doing to people that they never expected. >> but first, bibles sold at costco and a pastor is furious! where he found them in the store. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, afternoon. pools of water formed in the right lane >>> commuters on the bay bridge will to deal with this long backup this afternoon. pools of water forming in the right lane carrying eastbound traffic near the toll plaza. we are told construction crews accidentally blocked the storm drain. haven't had any rain. who knew? the mess was cleared up about 3:00. >>> some are calling it a controversy of biblical p
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11